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Step 2: Join the private Facebook Group

All recommendations are sent to you via email, but we also post our recommendations and updates in a private Facebook Group just for subscribers to the SME Covered Call Recommendations service.
In this group, you can ask questions, and we have a series of videos that you will find helpful in getting the most out of our recommendations.
There are a couple of methods in how to join the group. Firstly, you can click on this link and request to Join: https://www.facebook.com/groups/337147407542555/
Secondly, you can go directly to the SME page, and notify us directly:
  1. To join a private FB group, you will first need to Like the StockMarketEmpowerment page. If you click on the big blue f (for Facebook) button below, it will take you straight to our page.
  2. Once you have clicked like, if you could message us through FB to let us know you are ready to join the Covered Call Recommendations private group. And we’ll do the rest!
The following video shows you how:
That’s it!
We’ve put a lot of work, and many years of experience into our Portfolio Covered Call Recommendations service. We want to help you get the most out of what we have to offer. So please feel free to be in touch at any time.

See you in the group, and Happy Trading!

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