SME Covered Call Strategy Course


You will learn everything you need to know about the Covered Call Strategy from a professional Investment Manager who has used this strategy in the management of Private Client Funds and for Investment Fund for more than 20 years.

Through this course, you have access to lessons to teach you the key concepts required for you to manage this strategy for yourself. Through your journey, you are supported with live tutorials, and a private/active members group.

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Covered Call Strategy Course

Learn how to use and implement this popular Cashflow strategy in the stock market.

What you get:
  • The complete Covered Call Strategy Course
  • 54 Lessons including:
    • Setting up – having the right tools to trade
    • Learning to read charts
    • Analysis methods for choosing/managing stocks
    • Understanding options and how to use them for the Covered Call strategy
    • Placing orders & Broking platforms – my unique method for entry and exits
    • How to manage your positions
    • Portfolio Management
  • Exclusive access to the Covered Call Course Facebook Group
    • Live market discussion
    • Reviews of topical stocks
  • Professional guidance and support for you to manage your investment portfolio of Covered Calls.
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