Covered Call Recommendations​


Take the guess work out of your Covered Call portfolio

Tired of spending countless hours reading through stock reports, analysing options and crunching the numbers? Not sure how to balance out your portfolio, or gain an edge on current market activity?

At Stock Market Empowerment, we provide monthly recommendations for Covered Call positions, with courses of action and management decisions.


Our Covered Call recommendations are managed by industry professionals!

With more than 20 years experience in a client advisory and Investment Management capacity, you can have the peace of mind that our Covered Call recommendations are carefully selected and managed.

Earn while you learn!

Our performance history says it all. Our most recent performance reflects a conservative approach for those investors who want to reduce their risk exposure, but are still looking for consistency in growth.

Each month we provide up to 15 Covered Call position reviews. Not every position is entered, depending on market activity. But each position that triggers is monitored through to completion.

What is our approach to the Covered Call strategy?

There are numerous methods in managing this popular cashflow strategy. And each variation has merit, depending on your Risk and Time commitment. We believe you don’t need to overtrade to make money from the markets:

  • The Covered Call, or Buy Write strategy, is not a trading approach. Let’s face it, you cap your upside potential when you Sell the Call option. But what you actually do is reduce your average buy price (breakeven level). And, how we manage our positions, you create a monthly premium return – or cashflow!
  • Consistency in return is paramount. Our goal is to balance out market volatility. You don’t want to be rotating out of stocks frequently. So we balance our portfolio of recommendations to maintain as consistent a rate of return as possible.
  • Mathematically, 45 to 30 Days Till Expiry (DTE) is the optimal entry point to capitalize on Time Decay (Theta)
  • Not everyone has the ability to watch markets live and pull the trigger on trade decisions. So why not use the world’s leading trading platform to do the hard work for you? We do!
  • We’re not all Warren Buffett! The investment capital you have available needs to be optimised in the markets. We provide “Portfolio” and “Momentum” recommendations so you can balance out your portfolio to suit your needs.
  • Not every stock skyrockets! No matter how much analysis and research you do, not even the experts get it right 100% of the time. But we have a game plan for that! We have experienced the largest market corrections (crashes) that the last 20 years has thrown at us, and we’re still here!

Mistakes that many investors/traders make typically come from emotional decision making or a lack of experience. With the Stock Market Empowerment Covered Calls Recommendations service, you can take away the emotion and be supported by an Investment Manager with more than 20 years’ experience.


Let us be the experts

We don’t expect you to be the expert in this field (that’s our job), but we would like you to learn and understand how to read the markets and make better decisions. Our trade recommendations come with a complete bio on why we have selected the trade.

And with regular live events and videos, we provide plenty of opportunity to ask questions about current or past positions.

You will gain access to the private Facebook Group where we post our trades and videos. Not on Facebook? That’s ok, because you will receive emails with the trade details, and our website archives all of the posts and recommendations.


Don’t delay … a week without our recommendations is another week of lost earnings!

Join the SME Covered Calls Recommendations service today for $147.00 (US) per month.

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