Covered Call Recommendation Results

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SME Portfolio Recommendations

The SME Portfolio Recommendations provide stock position and option writing opportunities for investors wanting 5 or more positions in their portfolio.

SME Momentum Recommendations

The SME Momentum Recommendations are positions designed for traders with smaller accounts, looking for Covered Call opportunities offering high premium returns.


The numbers

Accumulated Return
1 %
Trade Wins
1 %
Win Percentage rate
1 %

List of SME Portfolio & Momentum Closed Trades

As at May 31st, 2021

  • The following list of trades is updated monthly.
  • Listed trades are those that have been closed as per our recommendations service.
  • Closed Position % (gains or loss) reflect the gross return, and do not include brokerage commissions or fees.
  • Currently held positions are only available through the recommendations service.
List of Closed trades that have been recommended through the SME Covered Call Balanced Portfolio recommendation service.

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