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Backed by a career analyst and trader, Stock Market Empowerment is a community where you learn the stock and option strategies, and how to successfully implement these yourself.

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Matthew S Brown

B.Bus (Mktg). Dip FP. Dip TA. ADA Lvl 1&2. RG146

Matthew is a career analyst and trader. Having spent more than 20 years in the financial sector as an Investment Manager, Derivatives Analyst, and Trader, Matt’s focus has been managing investment portfolios and private client funds with a US-based exposure.


Starting his career as a Technical Analyst, at a time well before online trading became the norm, Matt honed his skills on the Australian and New Zealand stock markets providing trade recommendations for stocks and coaching students in the techniques on how to read charts and establish effective strategy.


In the early 2000’s, shortly after the Tech Crash, Matt began implementing Option strategies around investment portfolios and in short-term trading approaches. In Australia, Matt soon became the ‘go to’ expert in the Covered Call strategy and was a sought-after analyst/educator for firms promoting this strategy approach to their clients.


For over 15 years, Matt has managed investment funds, private client funds, and provided recommendation services for the Covered Call strategy. He has been a key speaker for several companies promoting stock market investing strategies and has developed numerous education programs.


Until 2017, Matt had always been the “knowledge behind the scenes”. Like Steve Wozniak was to Steve Jobs, or Charlie Munger is behind (beside) Warren Buffett. Not wanting to be a “front man” promoting overpriced education programs, he saw an opportunity to break away from existing firms and provide products and services that deliver what was promised.


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