The US Options market is estimated at more than $1.2 quadrillion. That is 10x larger than the total World GDP!


Total Equities Owned by Individual US households

37.6% of total equities of US Corporate Stock is owned by individual US households. The rest is made up by retirement plans, insurance companies, non-profits and foreigners.


 S&P500 Stock Owned by Institutions

Institutions own about 80% of the S&P 500 index. In dollars, that is about $18 trillion. By comparison, institutions hold about 58% of the companies in the S&P Euro index.


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We’ve helped people like you to successfully start trading and investing in the stock market; either through tailored courses, in one-on-one training sessions, or through Managed Investment Funds. The results speak for themselves.

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Results are reflective of historic performance. Past performance is no indication of future performance.

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Comparison of Strategy indexes to S&P500 index

Research and 29 ½ year performance analysis for six Options-selling indices and for stock, bond and commodity indices shows:


  • Higher Risk Adjusted Returns.
  • Improved Return Distributions.
  • Lower Betas and Positive Alphas.
  • Strong Performance for Benchmarks that Sell SPX Index Options.



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Don’t believe us, believe the facts. As the graph shows, the Covered Call Strategy works. When can we start letting it work for you?

14.9% Average Annual Return

Monthly Premium Income with Reduced Risk


The Covered Call Strategy offers consistency in investment returns producing a month to month premium income. Portfolio Risk is reduced due to the monthly premium return, providing less impact to the portfolio when the broader stock market retraces.


This strategy is ideal for investors who are looking for a cash flow from their stock portfolio and want to reduce portfolio risk against future stock market declines.

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